Eiswein was invented in Germany. It is a ultra sweet style German wine specialty which was created by a Mr. Henner on February 11th, 1830 in the Rheinhessen village of Dromersheim located twenty minutes from our village.

According to the 'German Wine Law of 1971' Eiswein can only be made when the temperature is a minimum of -7 Celsius - the colder the better.

In our home region of Germany, Nahe, Eiswein can not be made every year. Only about 3-4 times in a ten year period. This is what makes German Eiswein unique in the world of fine wines.

The highest quality Eiswein in Germany will always be hand picked, come from "Einzel Lage" vineyards and always be made with the Riesling grape variety because only Riesling can provide the optimal balance between sweetness and acidity.

Thomas Palmer Fine German Wines specializes in these Riesling Eisweins from our home region of Germany - Nahe. These Eisweins can be kept, when stored properly, for a mimimum of seventy five years:

2002 Kruger Rumpf Pittersberg Riesling "Eiswein"

Vineyard Name: Pittersberg
Style: Ultra Sweet
Body: Luscious
Special: 400 Bottles Worldwide
HKD 630

2010 Schaefer Froehlich Felseneck Riesling "Eiswein"

Vineyard Name: Felseneck
Style: Ultra Sweet
Body: Luscious
Special: 200 Bottles Worldwide
HKD 880

1999 Tesch Loehrer Berg Riesling "Eiswein"

Vineyard Name: Loehrer Berg
Style: Ultra Sweet
Body: Luscious
Special: 1,500 Bottles Worldwide
HKD 490