It is an honor to share these 1st Growth and Single Vineyard wines from our home region of Germany with you. We have compiled these nine questions and answers for you so that you can get a better understanding of why we started Thomas Palmer Fine German Wines:

Question1: Why did you start Thomas Palmer Fine German Wines?
Answer: We feel that the Nahe wine region of Germany make some of the best dry style Rieslings and Pinot Noirs in the world and we have made it our mission to make these wines popular in Hong Kong.
Question2: Why start your company in Hong Kong?
Answer: Our family loves to travel and ever since our father, Thomas, returned home with beautiful stories and pictures from Hong Kong in the 1970's we have always wanted to live here.
Question3: When did your family start drinking wine?
Answer: Because we come from a wine village wine is a part of our culture so we have been enjoying wine for many years wit our neighbours in the Nahe wine region of Germany. 
Question4: Did you attend sommelier and wine school?
Answer: Yes, we did attend sommelier and wine school in 2008 and 2009. 
Question5: What are your main goals?
  • To make our clients happy through the 1st Growth wines of our home region of Germany.
  • To honor our father, Thomas Palmer.
  • To share our culture with the people of Hong Kong
Question6: How long will you stay in Hong Kong?
Answer: For the long term.
Question7: What does the word"Einzel Lage" mean?
Answer: "Einzel Lage" is the German name for the "Best Single Vineyards" in Germany. In Germany the wine growers give their best single vineyards names such as St.Remigiusberg, Dautenpflanezer, Wolfshoehle, Rotenfels, Kloster Disibodenberg and Hahn. These vineyards have proven over hundreds of years to make the dry style Rieslings and Pinot Noirs. This is why I have chosen to work only with wine makers who own these vineyards, pick the grapes by hand during the wine harvest and who put maximum effort into making their beautiful wines. Our wine makers make their wines with passion and love and I feel that you can taste this in your wine glass evey time you enjoy these wines. They are unique in the world of fine wines...
Question8: Describe your 1st Growth and "Single Vineyard" wines in three words:
Answer: Elegant, Deep and Complex
Question9: What is your company's Motto?
Answer: To make our clients in Hong Kong happy through the 1st Growth and "Single Vineyard" wines of our home region of Germany - Nahe.